Welcome to Art Muse Contest, a new type of online art competition where artists compete at their skill level for monthly cash prizes plus the opportunity for gallery representation. While there are a lot of great online art competitions, we want to bring something different to the table.

Our goal is to give artists in each category a level playing field where they are competing against peers of their approximate skill level.

Over $900 in prizes awarded each month.

New judge every month.

Annual gallery representation award at a brick and mortar gallery.

Annual art supply prize package.

Open to all 2D representational art in any subject. (Sorry, no digital art or photography).

2 entries for $25 or 3 for $35 (entry fees fund our monthly cash prizes).


2018 Judges

Sam's Farm — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam ac ex nec lacus mattis tempus quis vestibulum eros.

Larry's Dairy — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, in at pulvinar quam, in placerat ligula. Sed interdum finibus justo eleifend consequat.

Dockside Fishers — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, maximus ante in lectus elementum, sit amet faucibus dui consectetur. Pellentesque sollicitudin nec quam a posuere.