Art Muse Contest July 2016 Winners and Finalists

Thanks to our July judge, Allan Duerr.

Here are this month’s winners and finalists. Allan has included a brief statement about each painting. Congratulations again to all the winners and finalists.




Master Class Winner

Cynthia Feustel, Indigo


Great composition, thoughtful expression and wonderful use of diffused light

Master Class Finalists

Abigail Gutting, Dusty Two Step


Strong composition, good action and good use of background.  Well thought out.

Charles Young Walls, The Flutist


So well done, actually very close to my first choice.  Great use of color and expression.

Kathie Odom, Sabbath


Well done, peaceful and almost stylized.  Good proportion to draw the viewer into the painting.

Jill Basham, Morning Fog


Wonderful tonal piece, great use of the pallet to bring home the fog.

Romona Youngquist, Crisp Autumn Air


Very good composition, the coloration sets the mood and lights and darks make this piece come alive.

Emerging Artist Winner

Lisa Zook, Shelling


Wonderful loose style, great use of coloration with the water and the woman and child, creating a well thought out pattern … well done.

Emerging Artist and Gallery Representation Finalist

Barbara Schilling, Inner Glow


Good composition, good color choices and well-done foreground.

Emerging Artist Finalists

David Bassinder, Old Wall


Wonderful loose style, good use of shadows and strong colors.

Barbara Berry, Light Touch


Wonderful composition, great expression and good use of space – very striking.

Michelle Kondos, The Plan


A real fine composition, strong use of foreground and background and good color choices makes this simple painting a strong painting.

Zhamil Bikbay, Sunny Lake


Wonderful use of color, very nice loose style and strong composition.


Budding Artist Winner

Jerell Meyer, Spanish Eyes


Simple, good coloration and very expressive … well done.


Budding Artist Finalists

Elisha Dasenbrock, Seriously


Simple, good coloration and very expressive.

Lizz Card, Self Portrait


Strong – the straight-on look works well and good use of color … not an easy piece to do.

Merit Award Winner

While Kelley and Kim don’t have any say in who wins an award each month (that’s entirely up to the judges), they do get to choose an artist who they feel merits recognition. This month’s Merit Award goes to…

Carl Dalio, Faded Dreams and Midnight Whispers


Carl Dalio’s painting “Faded Dreams and Midnight Whispers” invites the viewer in for a closer look. The color palette suggests the heat of the day giving way to a cooler, quieter Havana evening. A strong understanding of perspective gives this loose painting an accurate drawing foundation. The light areas on the building create a rhythm through the lower portion of the piece and the two lights on the second floor continue to move the eye up and through the rest of the painting. The contrast of warm and cool light combined with reflected light demonstrates this artist’s expert understanding of light effects. Overall, it has a sense of place and time that isn’t overshadowed by the design. Kim and Kelley