Art Muse Contest March 2016 Winners and Finalists

Thanks to our March judge, Eric Bowman.

Here are this month’s winners and finalists. Eric has included a brief statement about each painting. Congratulations again to all the winners and finalists.



Master Class Winner


Jill Basham, Crash

Why: I love the lip on the wave, the reflections, movement and overall abstract shapes and handling of the white water.

Master Class Finalists


John Lasater, Lahaina Glow

Why: Nice handling of the town lights and overall atmosphere and colour.


Jason Sacran, Off North Ponce

Why: Perspective light streaks and nostalgic backyard feel.


Elizabeth Pollie, Halfway Home

Why: Excellent drawing and handling of subject with abstract accents.


Romona Youngquist, Summer Sky

Why: Overall feel of evening sky & light, colour and hierarchy of edge work on focal elements.


Rachel Pettit, Days End

Why: nice harmony of colour and handling of atmosphere in the background.

Emerging Artist Winner


Kimball Geisler, Before it’s Gone

Why: Well composed with nice handling of foreground detail and atmospheric colour in the distance. Overall a solid western landscape.

Emerging Artist Finalist and Gallery Representation Finalist


Barbara Berry, The Prayer

Why: Colour temperature and anatomy — using pastels like a boss!

Emerging Artist Finalists


Kathy Cousart, The Catcher

Why: Abstract handling and simplification of elements. Nice light and colour (especially the sky reflection in the water)


Kathryn Fisher, Fire and Ice

Why: Bold use of colour and expressive brushwork.


Chris Zambon, Inner Spring

Why: I like where this takes me; the colour and overall feel.


Cheryl Magellen, Nellie

Why: Nice, muted tones in the skin and overall colour harmony.

Budding Artist Winner


Dina Stumpf, Brazilian Breaktime

Why: Nice drawing, paint handling and colour harmony–I liked the expression on her face; very pleasant picture!

Budding Artist Finalists


Arena Shawn, Simple Grace

Why: Well rendered for black & white drawing, appropriate title.


Jerell Meyer, Faith

Why: Nice handling of facial features with hierarchy of loose brushwork-to-tight portrait detail.


Candice Rene, Waiting at the Dock

Why: Paint handling, texture, under-painting and colour harmony.


Debra Yerger, A Walk in the Park

Why: Nice colour and handling and back-lighting effect.


Anita Maher, Ashley

Why: Drawing, expression, colour harmony and edge handling.

Merit Award Winner

While Kelley and Kim don’t have any say in who wins an award each month (that’s entirely up to the judges), they do get to choose an artist who they feel merits recognition. This month’s Merit Award goes to…


Jesse Lane, After the Storm

Can you believe this is colored pencil? Neither could we! While our ascetic is typically not photo-realism this piece made both a visual impact and a statement about the subject. Jesse’s strong drawing skills and mastery of the medium laid the foundation for an emotionally powerful piece. Photo-realism works best when mastery of technique is used as a vehicle to tell a story and not just to convey the technical ability to accurately record something. Well done, Jesse! Kim and Kelley