Art Muse Contest November 2016 Winners and Finalists

Thanks to our judge, Nancy Franke.


Here are the winners and finalists. Nancy has written a brief statement about each painting. Congratulations to everyone and Happy Holidays.

Master Class Winner

 Francesco Fontana, The Art Lover


This painting is a deft juxtaposition of many elements.  Appearing simple in almost monochromatic color and in composition, it reveals a powerful complexity upon further examination.  A contemplative mood is created with soft light, yet the strong drawing and angular shadows lend drama.   It’s a shining example of the watercolor medium!

Master Class Finalists

Anna Rose Bain, A Fleeting Moment


Gesture and feeling are expressed very skillfully in this painting. The essence of this child is communicated through the use of strong value contrast, combined with soft color.  Edges are expertly varied.

Romona Youngquist, Abandoned


Great drama is created here by the use of complementary color!   The angles in the composition lead the eye through the painting in an almost musical progression, with the crescendo being the sunlit house.

Damien Gonzales,
Sunrise at Antelope House Overlook


An almost abstract painting, this piece glows with morning light, creating pattern and a modern and dramatic effect.  This is an exciting artwork!

Kathie Odom, The Way is a Place


There is a bit of magic in this painting, created by the confident brushwork and unusual dance of the colors.  This one looks like springtime feels.

Sherrie Russ Levine, Fresh from Market


This is a loose, succinct painting, brimming with confident brushwork, complementary color, and a cropped birds-eye view into an intimate scene.

Emerging Artist Winner

Barbara Tschantre, Next Time I'll Smile


Skillful drawing and subtle color add to the impact of this portrait. The artist was able to capture a quiet humanity that has universal appeal.

Emerging Artist Gallery Representation Finalist

 Anette Power, With Grace


Love the use of dramatic, warm lighting in this piece. The message was simplified and strongly stated with bravura brushwork and subtle temperature shifts.

Emerging Artist Finalists

Erica Norelius, Crowded Cuban Street


The close-up view of the old car and the touches of the car color throughout the painting are lively and fun. There is a push and pull here, of subtlety and vibrancy in color and in value, which adds sizzle – perfect for a Cuban scene!

Mason Kang, Morning Light at Namwon


I can feel the cool air here, as the morning fog is lifting.  Very nice use of warm light, cool shadows, and linear elements to tie the design all together.

Anna Toberman, Undeterred


Her drawing skill tells the tale here – and the message of the title is nicely communicated: “Undeterred.”  I really like the combination of strong, contrasting light and soft edge effects.

Brock Drenth, Primary Childhood


This is fun, well done and is nicely composed and nicely observed.  Primary colors shine forth, and the image is strong.

Budding Artist Winner

Valerie Fabie, Pears


Very nice use of light on a simple subject – this painting is soft, yet strong and true.

Budding Artist Finalist

Randy Sprout, High Lake


Shadow and light are nicely stated with the use of complementary color.  The feeling of dancing sunlight and cool air make this painting a stand out!

Merit Award Winner

Deborah Wage, Caroline


Deborah's painting provides a fresh approach to the timeless pursuit of portraiture. The directness of the subject and Deborah's treatment of the edges creates a strong and impactful portrait, daring to the viewer to look away.

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