July Art Muse Contest Winners and Finalists


Congratulations to our winners and finalists.

A big thank you to our July judge, Bev Jozwiak.





Master Class Winner

Philippe Gandiol, Main Street, Small Place: Great design, love the cools with the touch of red. Wonderful brushwork. Nice story, this painting just has it all.  


Master Class Finalists:  

Lucas Bonoi, Pigeon: Pleasing composition. Nice simple shapes. Intriguing figure.  


Poppy Balser, Parrsboro Weir: Beautiful Watercolor. Nice wet in wet technique, and dry brush. The landscape showing through the netting on the left is really well done. Strong composition and clean color.  


David Boyd, In at First Light: Love the painterly quality. This painting tells a story without getting bogged down in the details. Nice unity and color dominance.  


Adam Clague, Babysitters: Such a typical scene, (just a slice of life) that doesn’t seem posed at all. Wonderful brushwork, composition, and story.  


Jane Hunt, Autumn Aspens: Subtlety of color draws you in. The strong light on the trees makes this piece.  They really stand out, against the cool of the mountains in the distance.  



Emerging Artist Winner 

Cecile Morgan, On the Ready.  Complex piece. Not having all the dogs in the light, made a stronger composition. Full of movement, and light, with a great narrative.  


Gallery Representation Finalist

Layne Johnson, Storm Approaching: The bright blue sky, with the more muted landscape makes for a powerful piece. There is no denying this artist can paint.  


Emerging Artist Finalists

Kristen Santucci, Edgewater Sunset: Different color combination. The Pink clouds are perfection. It makes me feel something, perhaps a bit lonely or isolated.  


Alex Kelly, Lizzie: Wonderful skin tones, just enough cools to set off the warmth in her face. Lovely painterly quality.  


Amber Blazina, Avocado Half: Great brush strokes, such a simple subject that could have been boring, but the paint application and subtle color changes made it inviting. My only concern was the avocado is dead center, but the dark shadow to one side helps to overcome that problem.   


Charity Anderson, Cache Valley Delight: Nice landscape, like the dominance of cools. The creek leads you to the horizon line, and the reflections in the water help tie this whole piece together.


Merit Award

While Kelley and I don’t have any say in who wins an award each month (that’s entirely up to our judges), we do however, get to choose an artist who did not win an award but we feel entered work that merits recognition.

Wow, July had a ton of fabulous work in our Master Class and it made it impossible for us to not choose from those entries. We usually pick one piece to highlight but with the amount of excellent work we struggled to focus on one piece. Instead, we decided to look at the totality of each artists' submissions. Not that it made it any easier. While there was strong work that could have been awarded from the Emerging Artist's category, when we looked at the Master Class it was apparent that the entries strongly elevated the subject matter. We had more than 4 artists vying for our attention. Our choice? 

Diane Frossard. From her excellent draftsmanship, solid design, expert painting handling and the way she depicted the light quality and sense of place is outstanding. Her nocturne piece conveyed the sense of peace and quiet found at the end of the day and the two horse paintings captures the vitality of the animals in the setting. Excellent work, Diane. 

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July judge, artist Stanka Kordic.

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