Announcing our "abstracted" winners 

A huge Thank You to our judge, Larry Moore

What I look for in a successful painting.
It is intent of a work, the idea, that guides the construction and compels the viewer. The voice of the artist, the visual vocabulary, should be in support of the intent. I consider each piece, especially when there are more than one, on the intent, the construction and the consistency of voice. Each piece is considered on its own merit. Whether it’s non-objective or an interpretive form of realism, I consider the hierarchy of the parts (dominant/subordinate), the way the eye is pulled through, the level of mastery of the medium and consistency of throughout. As the theme of this show is “Abstracted”, I did lean more that way of abstraction more than realism.

It’s difficult picking just three for the top awards, and four honorable mentions, there was a lot to choose from. Each of the awards represent a broad range of visual approaches, intent, and mastery of medium. Larry Moore

Congratulations to the winners 

"abstracted" Honorable Mention Awards