April 2018 Winners and Finalists

Michael Godfrey, judge

Judge’s Statement:

It is always a difficult job awarding recognition for works of art in a competition that exhibits a wide range of subjects and styles. Judging art is a subjective and an intuitive process. As a judge you bring your own experiences and biases to the task. A piece of art can forcefully appeal to you in an emotional or intellectual way which can arise from your life experiences and interests. Initially my process is to largely look beyond subject matter and style, and take a more visceral view of how the work affects me through atmosphere, mood, and emotional impact. Overall strength of design has a great impact in the final result. Thank you for inviting me to serve as judge for the Art Muse Contest, it was a pleasure viewing the artwork.

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Master Class Finalist

Jack Meier Gallery Representation Finalist

Emerging Artist Finalists

Merit Award