Monthly Contest Information & Rules

Entry Fees: 2 entries - $25 or 3 entries - $35

Entries (you should receive an email confirmation for entry and payment) 

Entries are automatically entered for judging but images to the website may take up to 72 hours before appearing.

Entry Deadline: Monthly Contest, Last day of each month at 11:59 pm (PST)*

Winners will be notified no later than the 30th of the month following the previous month’s entry. 

We offer awards beyond cash prizes. We want to support you along your career path with special awards that contribute toward that goal, in other words, we want to help you make your mark.

Winners and Finalists will receive notification by the last day of the month for the previous month’s entry.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no "themes" for our monthly contest. Enter any genre. On occasion we run special contests such as our "abstracted" contest. 
  • No limit on number of paintings entered each month.
  • Only original 2d work work will be accepted.
  • Digitally enhanced artwork is NOT PERMITTED. If entered, entry fee is forfeited. We reserve the right to remove images from our contest if we suspect the artwork is digitally altered. 
  • No 3d or photography is allowed. Anyone 18 and older is eligible.
  • No size limit.
  • U.S. and International entries accepted.
  • The same painting may be entered in a different month, unless that painting has been chosen as a cash award winner in the Art Muse Contest.
  • Paintings entered do not have be available for sale
  • Paintings that have won awards in other shows can be entered.
  • Upon submitting an entry, you grant Art Muse Contest a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce your artwork images for promotional purposes only.
  • Cash prizes will be deposited directly into your PayPal account. Your email address must be linked to your PayPal account.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Image Size:

  • Images should be 72 dpi, 1000 pixels on the longest edge and it must be a JPG. For troubleshooting image resizing, click HERE.
  • Images not labeled corrected or sized incorrectly will not receive a refund of entry fee. 


  • Cash awards will be deposited through PayPal no later than the 8th of the month following the announcement of the winners. On our big wall calendar, there’s a big X on the 8th. We are sophisticated like that.
  • Art Muse Contest reserves the right to place an entry into the appropriate category. In other words, if Michangelo thinks he has serious competition in the Master Class and decides to submit in the Emerging Artist category, well then we might have a conversation. Because we know how “M” likes to hedge his bets.
  • Click HERE to see the categories.
  • No entry without payment. Yes, we believe the dog “ate your payment”, so please try again and give that dog a bone. Email us, if you continue to have an issue.
  • Your entry will be declined if it isn’t in the correct format, suffers from poor image quality or is the incorrect sized image. Darn that technology! No refund for incorrectly formatted, titled or sized images. 
  • Images that don’t meet the following requirements will not be entered for judging. 

All judges’ results are final (no tears, this is painting remember, it’s supposed to be fun). If you are chosen as a winner or finalist (Master Class & Emerging), you are not permitted to contact the Jack Meier Gallery.  Any communication will disqualify you from the competition and from all future entries. The winner of the Gallery Representation Award Competition will be offered a minimum of 6 months representation through the Jack Meier Gallery. The winner will be responsible for all shipping costs to and from the gallery.

Artists agree to abide by all contest rules by their entry. Failure to comply with these rules in any manner constitutes withdrawal from the competition.