Jack Meier Gallery

Each year Art Muse Contest partners with a gallery as an ongoing commitment from us to assist artists in getting their work seen by a gallery.  We were honored to partner with Jack Meier Gallery. The gallery has been in business in Houston with a strong track record of sales for more than 30 years. A gallery with a solid reputation and has been a professional and supportive partner to Art Muse Contest. 

What does the Jack Meier Gallery
bring to our contest?

  • The gallery offers an opportunity for entering artists to have their work seen (not sitting in an inbox, waiting for a gallery to open your email and view your work) Kind of like...go to the head of the line!

  • At the end of each calendar year, the gallery will choose a least one artist from the 12 Emerging Artists Winners and 12 Gallery Representation Finalists. The winning artist will be awarded a minimum of 6 months representation by Jack Meier Gallery.


Looking forward to another great year

at Art Muse Contest.